Bubble and SQUISH!!!!!!!!

Oooopsie! Oh how many times I have thought or said Ooops! On my last post, I confidently said I would be back in the morrow with my first documented attempt at a pin follow through. And then crickets chirped on this freshly formed blog page for one, two, three days!! I am oh so sorry about that! The day that I was going to set down with my strong black coffee and produce a baby blanket, I instead found out that my Dad’s stress test for his three year check up after quintuple bypass surgery had come back abnormal and he needed to go back in the next day for a catheterization and possibly have a stint put in. So I accompanied my Dad, Mom and brother to Kansas City, Mo on Friday! I am happy to say that the surgery went smoothly! He is home as of this afternoon and resting as much as Mom can get him to. Now that I know he is recuperating and my mind is once more somewhat at ease, I am back!!

I am, however, skipping the baby blanket and revisiting it on Monday, while my daughter is at school. Instead, I chose a couple of fun kid-friendly pins and we headed to the local dollar store to purchase a few supplies. The two pins I chose to emulate were a “Super Giant Bubble Recipe” ( http://pinterest.com/pin/173810866841330822/ ) and “DIY Cloud Dough” ( http://pinterest.com/pin/58757970108773858 ). It ended up being a lot of fun for around $5.00! We did already have vegetable oil on hand, which is one of the ingredients for the Cloud Dough, and I am betting that alot of folks have most of the other supplies on hand. I am not much of a cook (poor hubby and girlie) so I rarely have things like baking powder and cornstarch on hand. My apologies for not providing pictures, by the way. In the future my posts will include them, but I was out of batteries and the day was just too darn beautiful to go into our Walmart and ruin it!

Now, down to business!! The bubble recipe called for a cup of Dawn dish detergent, a cup of corn starch, two tablespoons baking powder, and 12 cups water. All ingredients were to be gently mixed and then left alone for an hour before use. We used a new unused garbage can but a bucket or tub would easily work. I mixed the ingredients together with my hand…….. because I couldn’t find a big spoon in our yard. We then let the mixture set while we moved on to the Cloud dough. This wasn’t our first experience with Cloud dough. We did it once before, on the last day of summer before school started. The first time we made it in the living room, and, well, we made a great big ole’ mess! So I thought we would revisit it outside where we could be as messy as we wanted and not worry about 3 days of mopping afterward! This is a super simple recipe, you take 8 cups of flour to one cup of vegetable oil, and mix it up until all the oil is distributed. The end consistency is similar to moon dough or a little heavier dependent on your helper’s measurement skills (my helper is a notorious dumper). Then you can press the dough into molds, and it will hold its shape! The first time we made it, we played with it for over two hours!

By the time we had our fill of the Cloud Dough, the bubble were ready to be played with! We had a cheapy bubble wand that we used to make tons and tons of bubbles!! The biggest were about the size of a watermelon. You can achieve much larger bubbles, I think, if you have a larger blower, say a hula hoop or a self-constructed string blower. We didn’t have that, so we tried a bent up hanger (which wasn’t great) and a couple of tennis rackets (which were!!!). We ended up staying outside for four hours alternating between the bubbles and the squishy dough. Playtime ended after we added water and then dirt to the dough, and then had a slippery water fight with the rest of the bubbles. I am sure our neighbors think we are crazy!! But it was a fantastic day of fun for both of us! The bubble recipe makes a HUGE batch of bubbles, and I wish I had thought to get a container to put the left overs in. The cloud dough can also be kept for a while in an airtight container! I recommend both of these pins for a great day with the little (or big) people in your life!!!


Oh that overwhelmed feeling!!!!

I am dancing between screens right now, getting this blog up and running while debating what my first pin attempt will be! Hmmmmm…… Jackpot!!! I had to dig waaaaay down deep in the recesses of one of my very first Pinterest board, the oh so broadly named Craft Ideas but I found it!! The title is “The Perfect Corner Blanket!” I am going to combine this very first post attempt with a blanket that a friend asked me to make for the baby that she will soon be bringing into this world!! I will begin this project tomorrow morning after I get my little one off to school, pictures and stories will soon follow!!! See you tomorrow, with coffee in hand!!!

That “Aha” moment!

And so begins our adventures in putting those pins to good use!  How many hours have I spent scrolling down my Pinterest page, murmuring “Ooooh” and “Aaaaah” and thinking “Why have I never thought of that???” So I click repin, file that handy dandy data into a folder, pat myself on the back, and go on with my life, never to return to that pin again.  I know I am not alone in this, and while perusing that oh so wonderfully time wasteing site this evening I had an “Aha” moment and thought “what if I actually put one Pin to good use each day?” Let the fun begin!